Born out of the zoom fatigue and virtual events blandness, we started a safe, two-week on the road experience. We pick a section of the country, plan our 10 days of lunch and learns and evening parking lot tailgate style networking events, and then rent a Tour Bus and travel the region bringing the community connection to everyone’s backyard. No need for MSPs to get on a plane, train, or bus – they can literally come down the road and join in, safety yet effectively. The whole concept of the Channel Strong tour is to give people back the hallway, lobby bard, and community connection that is all missing due to inside in-person events largely missing from our calendars.




If there is anything the Channel prides itself on, it is the sense of community. We can collectively agree that the Channel is a special sandbox, where we all look out for one another – it goes beyond the day-to-day job. In fact, we can even argue that the thing we all miss most about in-person events is the connections.

We’re talking about the connections you make while you play catch-up with a friend that you may not have seen for some time over a drink at the lobby bar. We’re talking about the new connections you establish with the newbies in the industry. It is the same face-to-face connections we reminisce over the Happy Hour Zoom Calls nowadays.




One Channel. One Community. One Family.

Some of your favorite Channel vendors have banded together to tour the nation in an RV to celebrate our community in the great outdoors. Yes, that’s right. We’re coming to select cities to check in on your progress, ask how your area has been impacted, and what tips you have to weather the storm.

Join us for an outdoor and in-person (socially distanced and following CDC guidelines, of course) MSP community celebration!

Food Drive

Food Drive

One Can, Two Can, Who Can? You Can.

When we said this outdoor event series was meant to bring the community to the streets – we meant it! During the entire tour, we will be spearheading a massive food drive, in which the donations will be given to local food banks we pass in each region.

In order to help our efforts, we are asking all attendees to bring at least two (2) non-perishable food items. There will be a dedicated food donation bin where you can drop your items off right at check-in.

Event Schedule

Date Location
Monday, March 15 Plano, TX
Tuesday, March 16 Fort Worth, TX
Wednesday, March 17 San Antonio, TX
Thursday, March 18 Houston, TX
Friday, March 19 New Orleans, LA
Saturday, March 20 Taking a break!
Sunday, March 21 Taking a break!
Monday, March 22 Tampa, FL
Tuesday, March 23 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wednesday, March 24 Orlando, FL
Thursday, March 25 Jacksonville, FL
Friday, March 26 Atlanta, GA

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All events are from 4-6PM.