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Thinking about pursuing a career in cybersecurity? It’s a challenging opportunity and why not, with a vast shortage of “cybersecurity talent” throughout the globe. The physical world’s current state of pandemic crisis simply adds fuel to the fire, driving additional demand for fulfilling security skillsets.

When breaking down the N. American small-medium business (SMB) industry, the challenge is more than finding talent, it’s about affordability, if in fact the perfect candidate was available. Most SMBs expect enterprise grade security but can’t or won’t staff a full-time security team. This is an opportunity for Managed Service Provides to step in augmenting their historical IT services with SOC-as-a-Service. The SOC (security operation center) enables the SMB to have a full-time security team continuously monitoring the fortress without having to build and hire internally.

Within most SOC’s, one of the key versatile roles is a Cyber SOC Analyst. This talk covers the fundamental skillsets and responsibilities such an analyst should possess in addition to behind the scenes of his/her daily operations. In closing, a clear path on enhancing your existing security skills, pursue a new career in Cyber, or alternatively partnering with a Managed SOC vendor to augment your existing IT skills.


Billy Austin is the co-founder of RocketCyber and a passionate security veteran with over 25 years in the industry. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of exploits, threats and cyber-attacks with a history of developing successful security startup technologies. Previously, Mr. Austin was the co-founder of iScan Online, now owned by SolarWinds. Mr. Austin holds an Applied Science degree from Mountain View College and was a contributing author to the SANS/FBI Top 10 vulnerabilities.