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Recently, we’ve seen a big shift to working from home amid COVID-19. While there are plenty of reports that suggest employees working from home are more productive than those working in office, the question remains of how do you know if your remote employees are being productive? Join us to learn how George Bardissi, CEO of bvoip & Bardissi Enterprises, runs not one but both of his businesses remotely.


George Bardissi, is CEO of two companies, an MSP based out of Philadelphia, PA and the channel only firm that work with other MSP’s around the world in the Cloud Communications Space. Having starting his MSP in 2000, George matured through the IT and Managed Services business from break/fix to project to multi-tier to pure play MSP. That 17-year journey provided hard lessons on several fronts that metrics, meaning business data, and understanding the relevancy of trends and early adoption is critical to being and staying successful. From a need to solve a pain in his MSP, George started his second firm, which strategically solves the pain for IT and MSP shops in the UC category which helps generate a profit center, streamline service delivery, and create automation around customer interactions.


LinkedIn: @georgebardissi
Website: bvoip.com